IP: marlboro-war.net   Port: 7171   Client: 8.6   Host: New York   
We recommend to our players to not use auto 1-100 hotkeys on elfbot or very low boost timers on magebot. Otherwise your connection will be limited and suffer lags nor kicks.

Server Status
Server Uptime: 236h 42m
Currently 59 players are online on Marlboro.
Overall Maximum: 245 players (on Aug 26 2022, 14:02:00 GMT-5)

mx Belico ThreeGuild: (Belicosos)796 Archer
mx Belico TwoGuild: (Belicosos)860 Biochemist
unknown Bolado SupremoGuild: (Supremos)825 Elder Druid
unknown Bomb UmGuild: (Supremos)626 Elder Druid
mx Captain America631 Elite Knight
br Casey Lee Williams635 Elder Druid
Choko345 Elite Knight
mx Chupirul PmaxGuild: (Los Del Sombrero)1161 Biochemist
us Cleen Charlover300 Royal Paladin
Dash Scott305 Royal Paladin
mx Don FernandoszGuild: (Los Del Sombrero)319 Biochemist
eg El Pez El Ass1104 Archer
mx Elrom Peculos303 Elder Druid
mx Eltro Zafundios304 Elder Druid
br Forasteiro348 Elder Druid
br Krasho358 Elite Knight
mx KziekziithoGuild: (Adictos Al Frag)410 Elder Druid
unknown Offender300 Royal Paladin
ve Play Two For Two300 Elder Druid
eg Pov King Karmella917 Biochemist
br Quintero530 Elder Druid
de Sopranos521 Archer
us Spear Chucker300 Royal Paladin
eg [DNT] Afundy988 Biochemist
mx [DNT] Black PantherGuild: (Los Del Sombrero)907 Archer
fr [DNT] Classic1083 Biochemist
mx [DNT] CuloGuild: (Los Del Sombrero)933 Archer
us [DNT] Del Fuego1074 Biochemist
mx [DNT] Don Chalo353 Biochemist
mx [DNT] Don ChetoGuild: (Los Del Sombrero)776 Biochemist
us [DNT] Don DimadonGuild: (Los Del Sombrero)1108 Biochemist
gb [DNT] ElsaGuild: (Los Del Sombrero)556 Biochemist
ca [DNT] Emme Force958 Alchemist
us [DNT] GuccieGuild: (Guccie Cartel)876 Champion
us [DNT] HollisterGuild: (Guccie Cartel)545 Archer
us [DNT] Immovable Object300 Biochemist
mx [DNT] Kimetsu No Yaiba326 Alchemist
fr [DNT] King300 Biochemist
es [DNT] Kpo Relax371 Alchemist
ca [DNT] MasteronGuild: (Red Sky)407 Archer
us [DNT] MilfGuild: (Not Recruited)1012 Archer
ar [DNT] Neo Jinix544 Archer
vn [DNT] OwninnGuild: (Red Sky)301 Biochemist
de [DNT] Pawlak Comeback300 Alchemist
us [DNT] Pink Taco910 Champion
us [DNT] Saymex471 Archer
us [DNT] Shoota412 Archer
eg [DNT] Silent DevilGuild: (Heroin Addicted)854 Champion
us [DNT] SlayinGuild: (Mata Nenucos)821 Champion
vn [DNT] Tyrion331 Biochemist
mx [DNT] Vatos LocosGuild: (Los Del Sombrero)989 Alchemist
mx [DNT] YankeeGuild: (Los Del Sombrero)925 Biochemist
eg [DNT] Youssef584 Archer
pl [DNT] ZalomonGuild: (Red Sky)304 Champion
mx [DNT] ZeusGuild: (Red Sky)850 Biochemist
fr [PRO] Best PvpGuild: (Not Recruited)791 Archer
fr [PRO] Kemo801 Archer
za [PRO] One Piece516 Biochemist
pl [PRO] Tyrone905 Archer

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