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We recommend our players to not use auto 1-100 hotkeys on elfbot or very low boost timers on magebot. Otherwise your connection will be limited and might experience lags nor kicks.

Server Status
Server Uptime: 11h 42m
Currently 109 players are online on Marlboro.
Overall Maximum: 147 players (on Dec 2 2023, 13:50:55 GMT-6)

eg Ace300 Elite Knight
ve Alans329 Elder Druid
mx Almighty Charly300 Royal Paladin
eg Archer300 Royal Paladin
eg Azrail360 Master Sorcerer
eg Bad Boy311 Elder Druid
eg Benjamin300 Elder Druid
us Black Magic300 Master Sorcerer
ma Blackout300 Master Sorcerer
br Chico Nuevo300 Elder Druid
us Cristiano Ronaldo300 Elder Druid
us Cut Jordi Alba300 Elder Druid
ve Drefquila377 Biochemist
ve El Ciego317 Elder Druid
ma Facebook300 Elite Knight
ar Ferras300 Elite Knight
us Ghazer443 Biochemist
mx Grave300 Royal Paladin
br Hecarim300 Master Sorcerer
Ilove300 Elder Druid
eg Itz Daro300 Elder Druid
mx Joker300 Elder Druid
mx Kalessy300 Elder Druid
pl Kevvson314 Royal Paladin
co La Pipa300 Master Sorcerer
mx Macrox300 Royal Paladin
br Mercedes Amg Gtr348 Elder Druid
ve Micro Tdh300 Royal Paladin
pl Mind Control301 Elder Druid
unknown Mojabi Ghost300 Royal Paladin
do Mojo-jojo300 Master Sorcerer
us Old Zombie300 Royal Paladin
us Oo Pk301 Elder Druid
us Osama Legend300 Elder Druid
eg Out Of Context300 Royal Paladin
us Pabllo300 Royal Paladin
br Pally-pk300 Royal Paladin
mx Pantera300 Master Sorcerer
pl Podpalacz332 Elder Druid
pe Popeye Yep300 Elder Druid
unknown Pro Push301 Biochemist
es Raaw300 Royal Paladin
mx Ravenclaw419 Elder Druid
Rejinold The Druid300 Elder Druid
mx Russel300 Elder Druid
br Sara Jay454 Biochemist
mx Savanna Bond300 Elder Druid
es Sinzero348 Elder Druid
mx Skone300 Elite Knight
bz Suarez-mage300 Master Sorcerer
pa Superdruffo300 Elder Druid
eg Sv Doby300 Elder Druid
eg Ti To300 Elder Druid
tr Toxo Aka Pvp325 Elder Druid
br Valerie Kay485 Biochemist
Viper300 Elite Knight
mx Xd426 Biochemist
eg Zahura300 Royal Paladin
gb [DNT] Aizendazai355 Biochemist
mx [DNT] Alexis Texas470 Biochemist
br [DNT] Angela White329 Biochemist
eg [DNT] Better Call Guts328 Alchemist
pe [DNT] Cachero345 Biochemist
us [DNT] Chumbimba355 Alchemist
mx [DNT] Cronox300 Biochemist
eg [DNT] Death To The Jews326 Biochemist
mx [DNT] Demokz302 Archer
pl [DNT] Elder Druid308 Biochemist
ph [DNT] Epic Rp300 Archer
ve [DNT] Era-habbine300 Alchemist
do [DNT] Gasperr325 Biochemist
us [DNT] Guess382 Biochemist
br [DNT] Halibius Zubane382 Alchemist
[DNT] Huevo403 Biochemist
mx [DNT] Ing Churro300 Biochemist
mx [DNT] Inosuke300 Biochemist
unknown [DNT] Interstellar404 Biochemist
ro [DNT] Itachi301 Alchemist
eu [DNT] Joe Marley319 Biochemist
pl [DNT] Keevson316 Archer
pl [DNT] Kevson312 Archer
pl [DNT] Kevsoon345 Archer
us [DNT] Kisber306 Biochemist
mx [DNT] Kylie Rocket373 Biochemist
mx [DNT] Lefty Sm334 Alchemist
mx [DNT] Lojo482 Archer
co [DNT] Lomas Is Back300 Archer
br [DNT] Louis Vuitton400 Alchemist
br [DNT] Mandy Muse300 Biochemist
za [DNT] Milaco300 Biochemist
pl [DNT] Najebany Karolewicz392 Biochemist
eg [DNT] NerdGuild: (Never Back Down)358 Biochemist
br [DNT] Nitro381 Alchemist
unknown [DNT] Pau Grosso Of War300 Archer
an [DNT] Pencky356 Alchemist
mx [DNT] Perfecto356 Biochemist
mx [DNT] Ramses423 Alchemist
mx [DNT] Real Samesta354 Alchemist
eg [DNT] Saad396 Biochemist
mx [DNT] Sheelvi300 Biochemist
es [DNT] Sir Lol300 Biochemist
pa [DNT] Superdruffos409 Alchemist
eg [DNT] Sv Dobyy348 Biochemist
mx [DNT] The Master Chief386 Alchemist
mx [DNT] Toxic Darrell442 Alchemist
mx [DNT] Usopp304 Archer
de [DNT] Versace339 Biochemist
us [DNT] Vladimir Putin312 Biochemist
us [DNT] Zombie362 Biochemist

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