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We recommend to our players to not use auto 1-100 hotkeys on elfbot or very low boost timers on magebot. Otherwise your connection will be limited and suffer lags nor kicks.

Guild Details

Los Del Sombrero

Guild LeadershipChupirul Pmax is guild leader of Los Del Sombrero
Creation DateThe guild was founded on Marlboro on 5 August 2022

Guild Members
Rank Player Name
Chupirul Pmax (Don Lupe)
[DNT] Don Cheto (Neo Jinix)
[DNT] Don Dimadon (Dueño de dimadon )
[DNT] No Hands (Don Kamaron)
Don Fernandosz
[DNT] Black Panther
[DNT] No Soy Lomas
[DNT] Oldrinx (Mandilon~Vampel)
[DNT] Andersz ((Chupalo Free y K))
[DNT] Animeytperros Fake (Dueño De Animeytperros Fake)
[DNT] Charles Oliveira
[DNT] Chino (DONT Fear)
[DNT] Culo (.i.)
[DNT] Danyela (Hermoso)
[DNT] Elsa
[DNT] Freekendy (OLD SCHOOL)
[DNT] Me Lo Chupas
[DNT] Vatos Locos
[DNT] Yankee (MZT RIFA!)
[PRO] Pvp Stayler

Guild Statistics
Guild Members20
Guild Frags7644
Total Levels15543
Average Level777
Lowest PlayerDon Fernandosz (319)
Highest PlayerChupirul Pmax (1161)

Invited Characters
[DNT] Domm Trullers

Latest update client: 29.01.2022
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