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We recommend our players to not use auto 1-100 hotkeys on elfbot or very low boost timers on magebot. Otherwise your connection will be limited and might experience lags nor kicks.

Guild Details

Los Del Sombrero

Guild LeadershipFrankenstein is guild leader of Los Del Sombrero
Creation DateThe guild was founded on Marlboro on 28 December 2023

Guild Members
Rank Player Name
[DNT] Curupira (Lag)
Assassins Of Legends
Cheff Maria
Esposa Tamalera Colunga
Frankenstein (El Especialista)
Physical Damage
Vatos Locos (Tu Dealer Favorito)
[DNT] Amreal
[DNT] Cholito (Err Cholito)
[DNT] Ing Churro (Shinku)
[DNT] Macrox
[DNT] Shadow Seyk
[DNT] Sheelvi
[PRO] Pollo Jhona (PANCHO)

Guild Statistics
Guild Members14
Guild Frags3495
Total Levels8948
Average Level639
Lowest Player[DNT] Ing Churro (300)
Highest PlayerFanlover (888)

Invited Characters
[DNT] Amaterasu
[DNT] Iskus Thor
[DNT] Ragnar

Latest update client: 29.01.2022
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