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We recommend our players to not use auto 1-100 hotkeys on elfbot or very low boost timers on magebot. Otherwise your connection will be limited and might experience lags nor kicks.

Guild Details

No Mercy

Guild LeadershipEl Ass El Pez is guild leader of No Mercy
Creation DateThe guild was founded on Marlboro on 10 November 2022

Guild Members
Rank Player Name
El Ass El Pez (Le beast)
[DNT] Freekendy (In memory of Weona Maligna)
Max Mad (Mad Max Crew)
Miss Click (KGB)
Old Bop Zalphex (Balitas)
Uncontrolled Zingy (Darrell )
Royal Pusheer (Pusher)
[DNT] Black Panther
[DNT] Don Cheto (Neo Jinix)
[DNT] Don Toni (Ay Antonio!!)
[DNT] Jassiin Netdown (E o jassin, ta?)
[DNT] Methamorphosiis
[DNT] Rock Lee (^El Buffon^)
[DNT] Shifu (Old Delirium)
[DNT] Sir Lol
[DNT] Zylex Arch
[PRO] Pvp Stayler
[PRO] Vatos Locos (* Scott *)
Eternal Winter
Tubarao (Le Beast)
[DNT] Aokley (Don Marco ""2005)
[DNT] Cykaziunopwzjkie
[DNT] Gabriela (Que vez pndj)
[DNT] Jemz (The legend )
[DNT] Ocberko
[DNT] Satanas (Huele el culo)
[DNT] Zairox
[PRO] Churro Pro (Da tank)
[PRO] Esrar (Cali & Coka 50 euro)

Guild Statistics
Guild Members30
Guild Frags16163
Total Levels28734
Average Level958
Lowest Player[DNT] Jassiin Netdown (300)
Highest PlayerMax Mad (1355)

Invited Characters

Latest update client: 29.01.2022
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