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Guild Details

Red Sky

Guild DescriptionQuality Not Quantity
Guild LeadershipGhazer On Three is guild leader of Red Sky
Creation DateThe guild was founded on Marlboro on 20 October 2022

Guild Members
Rank Player Name
Ghazer On Three (~Jhona Wick~)
Saint On Three (SAINT)
[DNT] Emme Force
[DNT] Itsygo
Drefquila (Argentina Campeon)
[DNT] Javier (Never Give Up )
[DNT] Play Two For Two (Art The Clown)
[DNT] Sheelvi
[DNT] Tyrion
[PRO] Amreal (*CHAVEZ*)
Explosiive Naabkiller (Dark side)
Freeze Corleone (La Florida)
Jhonny Test (Rapa Tu Madre)
Reblux Nonpvp (Xortê Xemgîn)
The Hunger Games (king karmella)
Yousef Legand
[DNT] Afroditax
[DNT] Arthz
[DNT] Canavis Gr
[DNT] Charles Oliveira
[DNT] Connecting
[DNT] Crison (Noob)
[DNT] Cuba (Aozy’)
[DNT] Death Susej (:p)
[DNT] Deniz (BUYOTC)
[DNT] Dinathor
[DNT] Domm Trullers (American :*)
[DNT] Evil (Mr know it all!)
[DNT] Foxy (Riatudo)
[DNT] Gonn (Foke too)
[DNT] Itachi Uchiha ((HeLmY))
[DNT] Masteron
[DNT] Move Plizz
[DNT] Out
[DNT] Pande On Three
[DNT] Voodoo
[DNT] Zkyo On Three
[PRO] Snopy-wicks (perros loco)

Guild Statistics
Guild Members41
Guild Frags16224
Total Levels35687
Average Level870
Lowest Player[DNT] Pande On Three (300)
Highest PlayerDrefquila (1299)

Invited Characters
Emotional Intelligence
[DNT] Draw
[DNT] No Soy Lomas

Latest update client: 29.01.2022
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